When we decide to go on a route or getaway by boat, one of the things that we should think about the most and that usually causes more doubts is without a doubt that we are going to eat. Once we enter the sea, we will not be able to go shopping, so we must be clear and plan the food to sail. Today we will address some tips and different menus.

Tips for food to navigate

Although we will give you some ideas about meals and shopping lists, we will discuss some tips or advice for when you buy your food to sail.

  • Trips on the high seas or journeys from one point to another can take many hours on some occasions, time passes more slowly. We all know that time is often killed by eating, so small appetizers cannot be missing from your meal to liven it up.
  • Buy food that is not for immediate consumption or in a few days, since if we decide to consume it at other times, it will no longer be possible.
  • Get lots of water! Just like we can’t buy food to sail, we also don’t have a tap from which to drink everything we want, so calculate the consumption of at least 1.5 liters of water per day.
  • Choose canned or precooked meals in case the electrical systems or the elements you use for cooking fail at any time.

3 food menus to navigate

Thinking and buying food to sail on many occasions is nothing more than planning, so below, we propose the menu for 3 full days sailing.

Menu 1

For breakfast we can heat a bowl of milk and add some cereals, it will provide us with sugar to start the day with energy. For lunch, we will make chicken in sauce (carrots or cheese for example) accompanied by a little rice. Also, some ingredients in this boating meal can be used in other recipes. During the afternoon we can go consuming fruits and snacks. At dinner, a hot soup with some scrambled eggs will be enough to go to bed without much heaviness.

Menu 2

We had a sliced bread toast with jam and hot coffee for breakfast. In the case of bread, as we said in the tics, it must be sliced bread since it keeps better and is more suitable as food to sail. We will have a pasta for lunch with cans of tuna and fried tomato. For dinner, we can suffice with a vegetable puree and pickled asparagus.3 menús de comida para navegar

Menu 3

Here we will use some of the ingredients from the previous meals to navigate, leaving no food waste.

We had a yogurt with cereals and a piece of fruit for breakfast. For lunch, it will be enough to take rice, a couple of eggs and a banana, to make a good Cuban rice. At dinner, we will use sliced bread again and make some toast with salmon and tomato.

Food shopping list to browse

Organize the shopping list by meals of the day, so that it is easier to decide and take advantage of the ingredients.


Milk, coffee, cereals, sliced bread, jam, yogurt, apple.


Rice, chicken, for the sauce (carrots, onion), pasta, canned tuna, tomato, cheese, banana, eggs.


Puree (zucchini and potato), on soup, eggs, tomato, salmon.

We hope that after knowing and seeing some demonstrations of food to sail it will be easier to organize yours on your next boat experience. If you want to experiment and try different boat experiences you can do it along the coast of Marbella… It will be incredible!

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