Puerto José Banús - Pantalán, 5, 29660 Marbella (Málaga)

Jet ski rental in Marbella in Marbella with license


If you have a license you can rent one of our fantastic state-of-the-art jet skis and sail along the coast at your own pace.Alone or in the company of your choice.

  1 o 2 PAX.

Fuel no included.

  Deposit of 500€ per jet ski on arrival.

August 2022
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Duration Price
1 Hour 180€
2 Hours 260€
4 Hours 420€
8 Hours 700€



Rent Astondoa Yacht Marbella

If you have a boat or have rented it for a party, meeting or to be with your family,
you can also enjoy jet skiing.

A qualified monitor will go to your boat where you can enjoy the hourly rental of our fantastic jet skis.

Duration Price
1 Hour 180
2 Hours 300
4 Hours 500


* You will pay now the 20% of total payment as booking concept and pay the total amount on my arrival.

August 2022
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Renting a jet ski in Marbella has become an increasingly common passion among motor lovers.

With the arrival of good weather, more people are encouraged to rent a jet ski to navigate for a few hours, or to go on excursions with the company of a monitor.

Jet ski rental company in Marbella

More and more people are encouraged to try and enjoy an unforgettable experience aboard our jet skis, either driving it or as a companion.

Finding the ideal jet ski route through Malaga has become a really simple task.

Navigate Boat Rent is a company dedicated to renting jet skis in the Marbella area, and also offers some routes that may interest you.

Jet ski rental without license in Marbella

Surely more than once you have wondered if to rent a jet ski and drive it you need to have some type of specific license that allows you to drive it.

Well, if we talk about jet skis in which you will be the driver yourself, the answer is yes, you will need a nautical license.

While, if you are doing a tour and it is a monitor who takes the jet ski, no type of document will be necessary.

Price of jet ski rental in Marbella

The price of renting a jet ski will be different depending on the option you choose.

On the one hand, if you are looking to rent a licensed jet ski, you will have our magnificent state-of-the-art jet skis and you will enjoy a trip along the coast at your own pace. You can choose the option to go alone or in company.

To rent the jet ski, upon arrival you must pay a deposit of 500 euros.

Next, we will briefly comment on the price list according to the hours you want to enjoy the experience on the jet ski.

If the duration is one hour the price would be 160 euros, if it is 2 hours the price is 240 euros, if it is 4 hours the price is 400 euros and if you rent it for 8 hours the price would be 660 euros. Although the fuel of these jet skis is not included.

On the other hand, the second option would be Yacht and jet ski. If you are sailing by boat and you want to rent a jet ski you can also enjoy this option.

A qualified monitor will travel to your boat and you can enjoy the hourly rental of our magnificent jet skis.

The price will vary depending on the duration of the trip, in this case you can use the jet ski for 1, 2 or 4 hours at a price of 180, 300 and 500 euros respectively.

In both options you must pay 20% of the total payment as a reservation, and the total amount will be paid on arrival.

What is the best place to rent a jet ski?

If you are interested in renting a jet ski you are in the right place.

At Navigate Boat Rent, we offer the possibility of enjoying the Marbella Coast aboard our state-of-the-art jet skis, and at very competitive prices.

If you have any questions about renting jet skis in Marbella, do not hesitate to contact us.