Marine knots are a kind of special nodes useful for navigation. They are used as a form of security and mooring that has evolved over the years. That is why we will detail a guide to sailor knots that are often done. A sailor’s knot must be reliable so that it does not loosen, however, we must also take into account how to do it, because just as we do not want it to loosen, we cannot make it too messy so that when needed it can be easily untied. The normal thing if you do not have a license is to hire a captain for navigation. If you want to rent a boat in Marbella, check our catalog of boats that include a captain. Next, we will talk about the types of sailor knots that exist, and we will explain how each of them is tied.

Types of sailor knots and how to tie them step by step

There are as many types of marine knots as there are fish in the sea, each with a specific name. Although there are a multitude of basic knot types and knot guides, only a few of them are more commonly used. Next, we show you the guide to the most used basic sailor knots.

Simple knot

The simple knot is the simplest to make, it is the one that all beginners learn before starting with this exciting world. The advantage of this type of knot is how easy it is to do, but it is usually used only on those occasions when we do not need high reliability. Extend the rope and create a kind of loop with it, then pass one end through it creating the simple knot. It is the easiest and fastest knot to make that we find in the guide to basic sailor knots.

Figure eight knot

The figure-eight knot or Savoy knot is made in a figure 8 with the rope and then the end of one end is inserted in the farthest circumference. It is a fairly resistant type of knot and widely used due to its variability. Sailor’s figure eight knots work well under tension, in fact, this knot is also used by rock climbers.

Tipos de nudos marineros y cómo se atan paso a paso

Sailor knot of nine

The nine knot is very similar to the previous type only that you will need to make one more turn to the knot. This extra turn gives the knot more consistency and firmness.

Plain or reef knot

This is one of the most classic sailor knots even in what does not belong to the sea. It is based on one side to create a loop, and inside the oval part of it we insert the other part of the knot, and we will turn it over the other knot, to later release the end from the bottom to the top and joining both ends .

Clove hitch Knot

This knot is the perfect solution to tie a knot quickly, although it is not very secure. The clove hitch knot is usually tied to the handrail or lifeline. It is done by winding the rope to the handrail, once it is done, the rope is crossed and rolled up again, then we insert the end inside this second knot. If you want more information about the guide of basic marine knots that exist, you can contact Navigate Boat Rent and we will help you understand it better. Get in contact with us!

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