Luxury is a motto of life that is reflected in different areas of life and without a doubt, one of them is the investment in cars, boats, houses… That is why today we will talk about the jewels in the crown of many multimillionaires, their yachts. You will discover which is the most expensive yacht in the world, as well as others that are also impressive.

History Supreme; the award for the world’s best yacht

This impressive yacht was built in 2006 by the British shipyard Hughes. Despite being the most expensive yacht in the world, it is not precisely because of its size, as it is 30 metres long, and there are others of larger dimensions that we will see below.

You may ask yourself, how can it be one of the smallest yachts but at the same time the most expensive yacht in the world? The key lies in its materials, which are gold, marble and diamonds. This also largely justifies its price, which is around 2.4 billion euros.

most expensive yacht

What is behind the world’s most expensive yacht?

In addition to the world’s most expensive yacht, there are other yachts that are on a par with billionaires and are also impressive vessels. We will talk about the top 3 yachts that follow the world’s most expensive yacht in most world rankings.

Eclipse: a great piece at sea

This yacht was the longest yacht, before the world’s most expensive yacht History Supreme took over the top spot. This yacht is almost 164 metres long and is owned by a Russian billionaire. It has very similar facilities to the History Supreme but the price tag is down to 800 million euros.

It certainly has some eye-catching features such as a submarine, an anti-missile system and even a laser array that prevents the paparazzi from taking pictures of the people on board. Incredible, isn’t it?

Azzam: a mystery worth more than 500 million euros

In our top 3 after the most expensive yacht in the world is the “Azzam”. This vessel was built in 2013 and has a length of 180 metres. However, all the facilities inside are unknown as it is kept more in the privacy of its owner, Sheikh Zayed Al Nahayan.

The ship has a total of 48 cabins and 7 floors on which the different rooms are distributed.

Serene: an art treasure

Lastly in this top 3 we find this yacht whose owner is from Saudi Arabia, more specifically the Saudi Arabian prince himself. This yacht was launched in 2011 and has a length of 133 metres. However, the really curious thing about this yacht and its value lies not in its infrastructure but in its art.

This yacht is the bearer of the most expensive painting in the world, painted by Leonardo Da Vinci himself and entitled Salvator Mundi. It has different rooms such as a cinema, spa, theatre, garage for other boats and even two heliports.

Now that you know the most expensive yacht in the world and those that follow, we are sure you want to live your own boat experience. Therefore, we invite you to try some of our boats and enjoy the sea in a unique and different way.

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