When we are going to go sailing, a concern arises about whether it will be a day with dizziness or not. The reality is that it is a very psychological factor since the more you think about it, the more likely it is that your body is suggested to dizziness. Despite this, there are some tips to avoid getting dizzy on a boat that we will talk about below.

Why do we get seasick?

Well, the scientific name responds to motion sickness. This means that the body does not tolerate this sensation of movement well. The main cause is that the inner ear sends the signal to the brain that we are moving while the sight is not giving the same signal. Therefore, when the boat stops or sails very slowly is when we most need advice to avoid getting dizzy.

How not to get seasick?

Some of the tips to avoid getting dizzy that you can take into account before starting navigation are;

The Biodramina. It is a medicine widely used by sailors or other types of travelers who suffer from motion sickness. Buy it at a pharmacy and check the proper dose you should take. EYE! Biodramine takes 30 minutes to take effect, so if you’ve already gotten dizzy, there’s no use taking it.

  • Rest well the night before. Fatigue will greatly influence your body’s resistance to different stimuli, so if you are tired, you will be more susceptible to dizziness
    Look to the horizon. The best thing is that you do not look close to the waves, like when we go by car and they tell you not to look out the window. Focus on a point on the horizon.
  • Do not look at your mobile or read. Again, just like when we go by car, one of the tricks on how not to get seasick is not to focus on other things that require much more fixed attention of the eyes.
  • Wear sunglasses. Sight is one of the senses that causes conflict in the messages sent to the brain, so if we wear sunglasses and reduce those stimuli sent, it can be a good trick to avoid getting dizzy on a boat.
  • Acupressure bracelet. According to Chinese medicine, there are points that improve blood flow and, in this case, decrease sensitivity to dizziness. One of these points is on the wrist and with these bracelets we will be able to constantly press it. We can also do it at home, putting an aluminum ball behind the watch strap.
  • Chew ginger. Ginger is also a food that helps blood circulation. You can take it both as an infusion and chew a raw piece during the trip.

What do I do if I’m already dizzy?

The first thing we recommend is that if you have a lot of nausea, try to vomit to “reset” the body and the feeling of dizziness. Then, try eating sugary foods like soft drinks or fruit to help you recover.

Por qué nos mareamos en barco

Now you know some tips on how not to get sick on the boat to come well prepared for your boat rental in Marbella. Even so, remember that if you are prone to seasickness, only go sailing when the tide is very calm because otherwise… It will be difficult for you!

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