There are different types of boats, of different models and sizes, and although many will surprise you, surely not as much as the largest boat in the world.

Next, at Navigate we talk about the largest ship in the world 2022. In addition, we will make a list of the five largest ships that follow the first.

The largest ship in the world Wonder of the sea

The largest ship in the world is known as “Wonder of the sea”. And it is the first of its model that has eight exclusive neighborhoods.

It is considered the new largest ship in the world since its first trip was made on March 4, 2022.

In addition, the Wonder of the Sea, measuring 362 meters in length and 64 meters in width, is very close to us, in Spain. Specifically, on the Adosado quay of the Port of Barcelona.

The largest ship in the world weighs 236,857 tons, and due to its large dimensions, 5,734 people spread over 2,867 cabins, will be able to enjoy this adventure on board, where space will not be a problem.

This prestigious ship is commanded by Captain Hernik Loy, who made her maiden voyage from Florida to the eastern and western Caribbean last March.

In the Wonder of the Sea you can find, in its eighth neighborhood, restaurants and private pools, slide, cinema, karaoke. To which we add, its two floors with spectacular views of the sea.

In relation to its more than 40 restaurants, they all have a wide gastronomic variety.

If you are traveling with children, this boat has, as we have already mentioned, a leisure space, with slides, walls for climbing, etc.

Central Park, is the meeting place to socialize and rest, with more than 20,000 plants.

El barco más grande del mundo Wonder of the sea

Regarding the engine of the largest ship in the world and its purification systems, etc., we will talk below.

Wonder of the Seas has six diesel engines that power 18 floors and 24 elevators. Its two emission purification systems eliminate 98% of sulfur emissions and reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. There is also a desalination plant inside the giant, which processes more than 2 million liters of water per day.

These are the main characteristics of this boat, and we are sure that, without seeing it in person, it has already surprised you, and it is normal. This boat is a dream for that person who wants to do a big cruise.

List of largest ships in the world

We already know the new largest ship in the world, now we are going to make a list of the largest ships in the world, because although Wonder of the Sea exceeds all of them in size, there are many other large ones.

Symphony of the Sea

First, Symphony of the Sea, was first presented in 2014 by the Royal Caribbean Group. During these years, this ship has been considered the largest cruise ship in the world.

But that role ended when in March of this year 2022, Wonder of the Sea appeared.

The dimensions of the Symphony of the Seas are 362.15 meters, with a beam and draft of 9 meters. Its weight is nothing more and nothing less than 228,081 tons and they have a capacity of 6,680 passengers and 2,384 crew members. The speed of this ship is 23 knots.

In addition, the Symphony of the Sea has 16 decks, two climbing walls, two surf simulators, 11 pools, 3 water slides, a bionic bar, 23 restaurants, etc.

This cruise offers original and fun experiences and activities, becoming the favorite ship for many families. Among many other activities, on board you can enjoy the highest slide at sea, The Abyss, or work on your tan and relax in the common areas.

Considered the sister ship of the Symphony of the Sea, we find the Harmony of the Sea. It was built by a group of French shipyards, and delivered and in operation since 2106.

Harmony of the Sea

In relation to its dimensions, the Harmony of the Sea has a length of 362 meters and a width of 47 meters. Regarding the weight of this ship, it reaches a total of 226,963 tons.

Making a general review of what we find on this ship are 25 restaurants, 15 bars, 10 jacuzzis, 24 elevators, 4 swimming pools, leisure spaces such as a basketball court or an ice rink and a water moat.

The Harmony of the Seas has a capacity of 6,350 passengers and 2,100 crew members with a total of 2,700 cabins and 16 different decks.

Allure of the Seas

Another of the largest ships in the world is the Allure of the Seas, which is ranked number 3 in this ranking.

She made her first service in 2009, and was considered for some years the largest active ship in the world. In relation to the dimensions of the Allure of the Seas, it has a height of 72 meters, a beam of 60 meters and a length of 360 meters. Its weight is 225,285 tons.

Within this great cruise we will find 16 bridges, 2,700 cabins, 5,400 passengers and 2,700 crew members.

In addition to other leisure and relaxation areas such as 21 swimming pools, jacuzzis, and 2 wave pools and 2,700 square meters of areas dedicated to young people.

Like the previously mentioned cruises, this one also has climbing walls, surf simulators, etc.

Spectrum of the Seas

Ranked number four, Spectrum of the Seas was the first ship in the Quantum-Ultra class.

This ship, unlike the previous ones, was designed and manufactured exclusively for the Chinese market.

The dimensions of the Spectrum of the Seas are as follows: 348 meters in length and 41 meters in height. She has a capacity of 4,900 passengers and her weight is 169,379 tons, a lower weight than previous vessels, although she is still a large ship.

Inside it we find a surf simulator, a free fall simulator, a restaurant set in Alice in Wonderland, etc.

Finally, in fifth place we find, with one missing, three ships “The Quantum, Anthem and Ovation of the Seas”. The largest ships in the world.

With the exception of the latter, which has a length of 368 meters, the three boats have the same characteristics. Its dimensions are 347 meters of water, 41 meters of beam, and a weight of 168,066 tons.

Her speed is 22 knots. It has 2,090 cabins, a free fall simulator, a skating rink, a surf simulator, etc.

These are the largest ships in the world. If you are thinking of taking a cruise on one of these ships, you cannot miss this opportunity, we anticipate that you will hallucinate.

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