Enjoying a boat vacation surrounded by family and friends is an incredible experience that you have to live no matter what.

Surely you have wondered which boat to choose to enjoy these days. Well, to carry out this type of trip, the most common boats are the sailboat and the catamaran.

Next, we will tell you about the differences between a sailboat and a catamaran, since, depending on what you are looking for, it will be more interesting to choose one or the other.

Advantages of sailing in Catamaran

Taking a catamaran cruise is one of the most chosen options by many travelers.

Some of the advantages of sailing in a Catamaran are, first of all, and the most outstanding is its stability, since this boat has two floats, which make it much more stable.

The Catamaran, in general, is much larger than a sailboat, therefore, all its areas are larger.

They have a large central lounge, spacious cabins and enough accommodation capacity, so if you travel on this boat, it will not be necessary to leave anyone behind, invite your whole family to enjoy the experience.

Finally, another of the advantages offered by catamaran sailing is its trampoline, from which you can relax and enjoy the rays of the sun, but do not forget protection! The sun from the trampoline seizes you, and although it will be very easy to get a tan, we have to be especially careful, especially in the strongest hours of sun.

Ventajas de navegar en Catamarán

Advantages of sailing on a sailboat

We already know the advantages of sailing in a Catamaran but, to have a clear choice, we have to know the advantages of sailing in a Sailboat.

A sailboat is a boat with smaller dimensions than the Catamaran, with a more sporty style, which makes it lighter and faster. If for time, you are interested in one more quickly, we recommend you sail in a Sailboat.

In relation to the budget, the sailboat is cheaper than the catamaran, therefore, if you are looking for a boat vacation but at a more affordable price, a sailboat will be the best option.

By having a smaller size, it will be easier to find a place in the port and easier to moor.

Where to find a sailboat, catamaran or monohull

If you are looking for a place to find a sailboat, catamaran or monohull, you are in the right place.

On the Navigate website, we have rentals of all types of boats in Marbella, catamaran, sailboat or monohull.

If you would like to spend a relaxing boat holiday, the most recommended option is the catamaran with a captain. He will take care of the navigation, and you will only have to enjoy the experience.

If you are not a very large group of people, and you want a different navigation plan, in addition to a smaller budget, we recommend the sailboat.

However, the price will depend on the duration and type of trip.

Whatever your final choice, the experience will be unique and incredible, and you will enjoy a different vacation on board a boat.

For any type of question, or for more information, contact us! We take care of resolving any type of doubt.

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